Northville, MI

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Keeping your trees disease-free doesn't have to be a horrifying task. Our arborists have the knowledge needed to help your trees have a happy and healthy life.


You can depend on us to provide personalized care to your trees and shrubs. We'll discuss a maintenance plan for your yard so that you can enjoy the benefits that nature provide.

Working to keep your trees disease-free

We only use the best fertilizer in the business to keep your plants at their healthiest.

For the best results possible, our arborists will use a blend of fertilizers specifically designed for your trees and shrubs.

Maintaining the health and strength of your trees

Restoring the beauty that your trees and shrubs had when you planted them requires annual maintenance. We will custom design a program for your trees and shrubs as needed.


Our main goal is to help reinforce your trees and shrubs so they are better prepared to fight off pests, disease, site condition and environmental stress conditions.

Promoting overall plant health and vitality

Tree care and fertilization

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