Northville, MI

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Trying to work around the remains of a stump can be cumbersome.  Trying to remove a stump by yourself can pose a serious risk of injury to yourself, equipment and others. We can handle it for you!

Save money and time with our grinding service

Proper stump grinding will SAVE you repaving costs down the road.

We're sure to make your yard look its best, because we use precision equipment. That means, you'll have cleared space to plant new trees or shrubs, and get your lawn back to looking great.

Have more space and access in your yard

You don't have to worry about us cutting any corners when you choose our stump grinding services. We'll always consult with you about what you want out of our service, and what expectations you have for how your yard will look. After we come to an agreement, we'll transform your stump by grinding it down to suit you.



Back fill services available

Stump grinding

For expert advice on stump grinding, give us a call today: