Northville, MI

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A tree infested with insects or diseases can lead to an unhealthy landscape. Failure to properly maintain your landscape can result in the loss of valuable plants within your yard.


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Are you worried your trees might be sick?

For more help identifying these invasive insects and diseases, give us a call! We'll diagnose your trees quickly and expertly.

  • Apple scab

  • Birch leafminer

  • Bronze birch borer

  • Diplodia tip blight

  • Eastern tent caterpillar

  • Elm leaf beetles

We'll diagnose your problem quickly

  • Euonymus scale

  • Fire blight of trees and shrubs

  • Gypsy moths

  • Pine needle scale

  • Pine sawfly

  • Spruce bud gall

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Arborist tree care

  • Disease diagnosis

  • Deep root fertilization

  • Tree Injections

  • Landscape tree and shrub care

  • Tree and Shrub spraying services

  • Ground Injections


Common landscape problem